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Research Updates

Our research updates summarize the findings and implications of the most relevant reports and articles so that colleagues, educators, and advocates can have the most up-to-date information even when they’re short on time. Stay tuned to this section to view SIECUS Research Updates on teen pregnancy as they become available.

What Affects Teen Birthrates More - Sexuality Education OR Political, Demograhic, and Religious Factors? A Study of 24 States (March 2012)

Thinking Over ‘baby-Think-It-Over’ (And Other Infant Simulators) (March 2012)

Religious States and High Teen Birth Rates: Researchers Uncover A Strong Correlation (September 2009)

National Data Shows Comprehensive Sex Education Better at Reducing Teen Pregnancy Than Abstinence-Only Programs (March 2008)

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education