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Research Updates

Our research updates summarize the findings and implications of the most relevant reports and articles so that colleagues, educators, and advocates can have the most up-to-date information even when they’re short on time.  The following is a list of recent research updates related to sexual and reproductive health.

Online Dating Behaviors: Recent Social Science Research in the News (November 2011)

Increases in Throat and Mouth Cancers Linked To Hpv Infection (November 2011)

Studies Suggest Preexposure Prophylaxis (Prep) Can Be An Effective HIV-Prevention Strategy (October 2011)

New Study Reports Adolescent Females Can Use Over-The-Counter Emergency Contraception (June 2009)

Condom Failure OR User Error: Explaining Discrepancies in Self-Reported Condom Use (April 2009)

New Study Finds Oral and Anal Sex Common Among Sexually Active Teens (July 2008)

Prevalence of Unprotected Anal Sex Among Teens Requires New Education Strategies (December 2007)

A Different Take On Intimacy: Friends With Benefits Common Among College Students (December 2007)

Availability of Ec Without A Prescription Does Not, Increase Unsafe Sexual Practices (December 2007)


To help educators, advocates, parents, and teens find accurate, reliable, and thought-provoking resources, SIECUS has pulled together lists of books on a number of topics related to sexual and reproductive health.

Sexuality and Disability

Sexuality in Middle and Later Life

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education