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Policy Updates

Each month, we create these brief synopses to help parents, educators, and advocates stay up-to-date and informed on events and decisions on Capitol Hill and across the country. The following is a list of recent policy updates related to sexual and reproductive health. To see all our policy updates, go to our Policy Updates page.

Un Secretary-General Launches New Initiative On Reproductive, Maternal, and Newborn Health (April 2010)

New Cdc Analysis Shows Severe Disparities in HIV and Syphilis Infections Among Men Who Have Sex With Men (March 2010)

Dc To Distribute Free Female Condoms To Combat HIV/AIDS Epidemic (March 2010)

Obama Administration Announces New Members of the Presidential Advisory Council On HIV/AIDS (February 2010)

House Passes Health Care Reform Bill (November 2009)

High-Level Meeting Declares Family Planning Critical To Overcoming Maternal Mortality (November 2009)

Fda Approves Hpv Vaccine To Prevent Genital Warts in Boys and Young Men (October 2009)

Cdc Weighs Consideration of Male Circumcision AS An HIV Prevention Tool (September 2009)

Advocates Fear Rise in Rates AS HIV/AIDS Funding Is Slashed From California Budget (September 2009)

Cdc Reports On Teen Sexual Health Trends: Progress Has Slowed (August 2009)

Ministerial Meeting in Jamaica Reaffirms Commitment To Sex Education and HIV Prevention (June 2009)

Economy, Lack of Resources Dominate Conversation at 2009 HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting (June 2009)

Obama Administration Moves To Rescind Controversial Hhs Refusal Rule (April 2009)

Reproductive Rights Community Wins Huge Victory With Court Order On Plan B (April 2009)

Commemorating National Black AIDS Awareness Day (February 2009)

New Cdc HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report for 2007 (February 2009)

Congress’ 2007 Endgame Brings Good and Bad News for Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues (December 2007)

Fiscal Year 2008 Labor-Hhs Appropriations Bill Moves Through Congress;President Vetoes Bill That, Includes $28 Million, Increase for Cbae (October 2007)

Birth Control Critic and Former Director of Family Research Council Appointed To Oversee Title X Family Planning Program (October 2007)

New York Upholds Law Concerning Contraceptive Access and Rights (October 2007)

Senate Votes To Repeal the Global Gag Rule, President Threatens (September 2007)

The Politics of Health 2008: the Candidates On Health Care (September 2007)

The National Abortion Debate Come To Aurora, Illinois (September 2007)

The Politics of Sexuality 2008: the Candidates’ Views Uncovered (August 2007)

Plan B Sales Surge After Fda Authorizes Over-The-Counter Access (July 2007)

House Passes Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Spending Bill (July 2007)

Surgeon General Nominee Holsinger Testifies He Would Resign If Politically Pressured; Former Surgeon General Carmona Says Administration Suppressed His Opinions (July 2007)

Mixed Bag On Funding Decisions From House and Senate (June 2007)

U.S. Supreme Court Rule Federal Abortion Ban Constitutional (April 2007)

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion (April 2007)

Recent Legislation in Iowa and Washington Advances Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; Utah Legislation Restricts Them (April 2007)

Landmark Abortion Decision By European Court of Human Rights (March 2007)

Nyc and DC Distribute City Sanctioned Condoms (February 2007)

Portugal Set To Legalize Abortions (February 2007)

States Consider Mandating Hpv Vaccine (January 2007)

Prevention First Act Introduced (January 2007)

National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education